Напочитать: “Closure: The Definitive Guide”

Closure: The Definitive Guide

Though I do not earn my living by coding on JavaScript I use it in pet projects from time to time and must confess my Javascript-fu is far from being stellar. I thought that reading book about industrial-grade javascript library would give me better knowledge of current state in this area. Enter “Closure: The Definitive Guide” by Michael Bolin.

Definitive is the key word in the title. Amount of information and its density are impressive. Book starts with generic (and somewhat sketchy as to my taste) introduction and continues covering more and more advanced topics and domains: primitives, general-purpose tools, networking, UI, debugging, testing.

From time to time Michael provides reasoning behind design decisions. Mostly they come from “dark side” of Javascript: some unintuitive behaviour or often misinterpreted conception. These bits make the book more then just a reference guide.

Though Closure would be an overkill for any of my project in near and not so near future, this book is well worth time spent on it.

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