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AudioBookBinder is a simple utility that converts audiobooks to m4b format. If you have a your audiobook as a collection of mp3s and would like to get it it on your iPod this tool is for you.

As simple as 1-2-3. Not Lotus, just 1-2-3. Here are several examples:

Convert one file to m4b

AudioBookBinder book.m4b myfile.mp3

Convert several files

AudioBookBinder book.m4b myfile.mp3 myfile2.mp3

Convert all mp3 files in directory and set author and title

find ./dir -name ‘*mp3′ > list
AudioBookBinder -i list -a Author -t Title out.m4b

AudioBookBinder 0.1 (10.5/i386 binary)
AudioBookBinder 0.1 sources

Github repo:

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